Jo Verschueren

Sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Patient and athlete centered care, delivered at home, at the office or the sports club. 

That way care is deliverd where you need it most..

Experience the power of movement!

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Physiotherapy at home in times of covid-19

Due to the current health measures, the practice currently only offers home visits.

We offer care in the wide region of Londerzeel (1840), Grimbergen (1850) and Meise (1860)
If your town is not listed, please consult us so that we can consider the possibilities together.

We bring a treatment table and rehabilitation equipment  to guarantee qualitative physiotherapy at home.
Physiotherapy at home ensures that there is minimal contact with other patients, which lowers the health risk. In addition, all materials are double decontaminated, both at the start and at the end of the treatment.


Do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can tailor the care together.

How can I help you?
We offer the following services, tailored to your needs

Sports Physiotherapy

Specialised care, optimal performance and injury prevention

Op een vlucht

Physiotherapy at home

Care where it matters most


Orthopedic rehabilitation

Work hard and come back stronger

Persoon met krukken

Regain your mobility

Improve your strength and function at home


Cardiovascular rehabilitation

Physical activity is an important cornerstone of your rehabilitation


Exercise is medicine

Experience the power of movement as part of a healthy lifestyle

Vraag een Expert

When can I help you?

To ensure optimal care, I only work by appointment 
Call me, or contact me using the website.

I'm sure we can find an appropriate moment:

Monday: 8h00 - 21h00 

Tuesday: 8h00 - 21h00

Wednesday: 8h00 - 21h00 

Thursday: 8h00 - 21h00

Friday: 8h00 - 21h00


Thank you, we'll reply as soon as we can